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Our family, as breeders and lovers of Golden Retrievers, will do our best to help you chose a puppy you will cherish and love. And we are committed to getting you off to a great start, as you begin that wonderful and rewarding adventure of owning and raising your newest family member.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most gentle and intelligent dogs you could own. They make wonderful pets and are good with children of all ages. They love the outdoors and are good hunting dogs because of their keen sense of smell. The fact that they like to scout through brush and thickets allows them to scare up birds in hard to reach areas, setting them apart from other good hunting dogs.

We know from first hand experience that even though Golden Retrievers are a large breed, they make a wonderful family addition either indoors or outdoors. They thrive on lots of outside exercise, but adapt equally well to either indoors or outdoors environments. Our Goldens are normally between the 60 to 85 pound range.

We provide a generous guarantee in the event of hip dysplasia. If for any reason within the first 2 years you should see problems with the hips, rendering the dog noncertifiable, we will exchange your dog with a new puppy or refund your money (contact us for further details).

We go to great lengths to provide the best dog possible so that you might enjoy a healthy and happy pet. In keeping with this commitment, we search out the highest quality breeding dogs to ensure uneventful pregnancies and healthy litters.

Another valuable service that is available to you: If for any reason you are unable to keep your Golden Retriever (perhaps you are moving to a place that doesn't allow pets), we offer assistance in placing your pet in a good home. People contact us occasionally asking for adult dogs, and we keep a waiting list for these occasions.

No matter what your situation, we promise to work with you to fulfill your specific needs. And regardless of how long it has been since you purchased your dog, we will gladly answer any questions that might arise, or search out the answers for you.

Again, we stand at your service to make sure you get the dog you want. Please feel free to visit us at home. Just keep in mind that we are both working outside the give us a quick call to make sure we are there.

For now this is our goal: To become the best breeders possible, providing you with a top quality Golden Retriever.

Jeff, Janice & family

P.S. Please e-mail us and send photos, so we can enjoy you and your pet's progress.

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